Youtube TOP TEN Clips that feature Swedish No. 4-1

The countdown for: "Sammy Rose´s guide to the best YouTube-clips were swedish is featured in a non-swedish production." has come to an end. Did you miss the rest of the list? no. 7-5 and no.10-8

Oh my God. The suspense must be killing you!
Finally the top 4 Youtube-clips that feature Swedish in a non-Swedish production.

Starbreeze's game Enclave

In the fantasy game Enclave you meet this goblin. I don´t know what part of Sweden he is from. Maybe Uddevalla?

Cry Baby
John Waters, a great director, really knows his way around Swedish gals.
In this fantastic clip you will meet Inga (unknown) and Wanda Woodward (played by Traci Lords).
Apparently there is an American-Swedish exchange student program that lets you swap your promiscuous teenager for a milk maid. This movie has a bunch of great scenes that are non-Swedish too. Like when Pepper (Ricky Lake) gives birth in a car during a chicken-race -run.
"Too young to be square... Too tough to be shocked... Too late to be saved"

If you want to get around without speaking to people, you can always say you are swedish, cause Hey! who the hell knows swedish? (Usually there is no Alfa male around, like the one in clip no. 10)
Well I think John Candy handels it pretty good. In fact, so good he made it to no. 2 in this list.


Lars Von Trier´s Riget.
Sweden and Denmark are very close. Both geograficaly and language-wise.
Swedes love to speak Danish and as soon as a Dane enters the room the Swede can´t keep from saying stuff like: " di der synes jaej aer maaajje daajligt" So predictable. Any how, Danes try to speak Swedish to, of course.
And at number 1 you get the chance to hear what that sounds like.
Peter Mygind kisses up to Ernst Hugo by learning Helmers native language.

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Postat av: Sofie

mmmm jag har sett crybaby så många gånger, och nu tror jag att jag ska gå och kolla den igen.

2009-02-01 @ 14:21:03
Postat av: Heidi

Ja! :)

2009-02-01 @ 18:25:56
Postat av: J

Ja det är väl sjukt hur ofta svenska försöker prata danska. Det låter precis som svenska men grötigare bara. De för-danskar svenskan och tror att det är allt som behövs.

2009-02-01 @ 19:13:31

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